Questions to ask a Collingwood REALTOR® when Buying a Waterfront Property

There are many different types of homes and properties for sale in Collingwood that you can choose from when looking to buy a home. One of the most popular options are waterfront properties in the Collingwood area. So many people are looking to live near or next water and even though waterfront properties seem like a great buy and offer a wide variety of benefits, there are a few risks to owning a waterfront property that you need to be aware of. Any type of property that you choose to purchase is a major investment but waterfront properties are even a larger investment because they often come at a higher cost to purchase them. This means that before you choose to buy a waterfront property, it is important that you know what you are getting into.

Here are a few questions to ask when buying a waterfront property from a Collingwood REALTOR®.

Getting a Loan

One of the biggest concerns when you are looking to buy a waterfront property is the type of loan that you can get. It is important to understand that most waterfront properties are a lot more expensive than traditional homes. This means that the type of loan that you will have to secure will need to be a lot bigger. This also means that qualifying for a loan of this size is a lot more difficult. It is essential that before you even begin looking at waterfront properties, that you are aware of the loan amount that you qualify for. There might be a chance that you wouldn’t be able to secure a loan big enough for the purchase of a waterfront home. This is something that you need to find out about right away. Large loans are often referred to as jumbo loans. Make sure that you look into the loan approval process before you begin your search for a waterfront home.

Is the Land up to Par

Not only are you looking for the right waterfront home, but you need to be sure that you find a home situated on land that you also like. Sometimes you like the home, but you do not like the land. In some cases, either the home or the land is not up to par. This means that you need to inspect both the home and the land thoroughly before you move forward with the process of buying this type of property. You want to make sure that both the home and the land are exactly what you have been searching for and will leave you satisfied.

Condo Associations

Many waterfront homes in Collingwood are part of a condo community or association. This means that before you move forward with buying any waterfront property, you need to know what the association expects of you and what type of Condo fees are attached to this purchase.